Best Basmati Rice Substitutes To Try Right Now

Rice is a staple food for many people across the globe and when it comes to rice, how can we forget basmati rice which is the most delicious and flavourful.

Basmati rice is so adaptive that it can be used in any recipe that you like.

Various recipes demand basmati rice but sometimes it’s not available at your home. Every rice variety has its unique flavour and texture. Basmati rice has an enigmatic aroma profile that’s hard to find in other rice varieties and that’s why getting a basmati rice substitute is not that easy yet some alternatives work just fine.

So, what are the best basmati rice substitutes?

There are some other rice varieties that you can opt for and they just work fine.

These are Jasmine rice, Long-grain white rice, Long-grain brown rice, Popcorn rice and Texmati rice. They are easily available at any grocery store and work nonetheless in any way.

Jasmine rice

Jasmine rice holds the most fragrance out of all the substitutes and that is why it is at the top of substitutes as basmati rice is also known due to its fragrance and aroma.

But there is a slight difference in their aroma. Basmati rice has a nutty aroma whereas jasmine rice is sweeter and milder.

When it comes to appearance, jasmine rice is smaller than basmati rice and has a round edge whereas basmati has a sharp edge.

After cooking the jasmine rice doesn’t grow as big as basmati but it does have a unique fragrance.

Long-grain white rice

This is another closest possible substitute for basmati rice.

It is plain white rice which is not as fragrant as basmati rice but works great in some flavourful dishes like curry and chilli con Carne.

Like its name, it’s long-grained which is similar to basmati rice.

It is also a good alternative if you want cold cooked rice.

The good thing about this rice is that it is less expensive than other rice varieties and is readily available at any grocery store. It is grown in America and all major rice-producing countries.

Long-grain brown rice

It is a healthier alternative compared to white rice and hence it becomes great for replacing basmati rice.

You will find brown varieties of both basmati and jasmine rice.

Brown rice is nothing but rice that has been left with the germ and bran intact.

Since they are unpolished, they contain more fibre and have a better nutritional value.

If you don’t have basmati rice then these two rice varieties will be a good option for you. Brown rice is always a good and healthier choice.

But it takes more time to cook, absorbs more water and provides a more nutty flavour after cooking. It also becomes thick and clumpy which will go well with thick and rich sauces.

Popcorn rice

Some of you may be wondering how popcorn rice is on the list but let me tell you that it is a hybrid version of basmati rice and is grown in Louisiana.

It contains the same rich, nutty and floral fragrance after cooking which is similar to basmati rice.

But there is a slightly milder aroma compared to basmati rice, otherwise it is as similar as basmati rice and you can easily swap it with basmati rice.

It can be found in many grocery stores and sometimes you may also find it with some other names such as wild pecan rice and Louisiana pecan rice.

Texmati rice

Another substitute you can try is texmati rice. It is also a hybrid version of basmati rice and is grown in Texas. It gives a fluffy character and the same aroma of basmati rice after cooking. This rice is very famous in the US as it is a perfect substitute for basmati rice.

About basmati rice

Basmati rice is a long-grained version of rice that requires a warm but damp climate to grow.

This rice primarily originates from the clean and salubrious foothills of the Himalayas and is still grown in India, Nepal and Pakistan. The Himalayan region faces extreme rainfall during the monsoon season.

Why is basmati rice so popular?

In Hinduism the meaning of basmati is fragrant. It’s all about the fragrance and this perfectly sums up this flavourful rice.

Certain attributes of basmati rice make it stand out from the other varieties.

You must know what qualities basmati rice holds and what makes it unique from others.

Physical attributes

  1. Basmati rice is sharp at the edges, attractive by its size and slender.
  2. After cooking, the size of the basmati grain doubles. It’s not sticky and clumpy. It’s fluffy, dry and each basmati grain is separate from the others.
  3. The aroma of basmati rice is so much that your neighbours might get to know what you are cooking.
  4. Due to these qualities basmati rice is an important rice variety especially when ceremonial and special events are held.
  5. Basmati rice also soaks up flavours very well and that is why it is mainly used for making delicious biryani.

In India and Pakistan, it is used in a wide variety of recipes. Americans are not behind them. Basmati rice is very popular in the US and can be easily found in well-stocked supermarkets.

Which is the healthiest rice?

Since rice is a cheap and nutritious source of energy. There are many varieties of rice in the market that have different flavour, colour and nutritional value.

Every rice variety has its own properties.

While brown rice stands at the place of the healthiest rice. They are unpolished rice due to which the nutritional value gets doubled.

They are rich in fibre and protein when compared to white rice making it good for people who are at risk of heart disease and certain cancers. Diabetic patients should prefer brown rice over white as it helps in regulating blood sugar and insulin.

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