Do Cashews Go Bad Heres 4 Ways To Tell (+ Storage Tips)

Just a handful of cashews daily can provide you with a plethora of benefits.

These nuts are great for improving blood and eye health. They are easily available to you at any store at an affordable price. They also taste good and are packed with incredible nutritional value.

They are truly a bunch of nutty goodness. But the trouble arises when you can’t finish the entire stock of cashews at a single-use as the remaining cashews may go bad soon. As we don’t have a habit of using nuts frequently, we also wonder what to do with the remaining cashews.

It may become very convenient for you if you get to know some storage tips about cashews.

So do cashews go bad?

Yes, cashews do go bad after a while and not only do they go bad but can turn rancid too.

They will go bad even faster if they are kept in a room that has a constant humidity and warm temperature.

Every nut contains a good amount of oil and fat content which is also responsible for keeping nuts safe for a long time. But after some time due to the oxidation in fats, they go bad and may turn rancid too. Rancid nuts have a bad smell and taste.

The reason why cashews go bad is due to the high-fat content of cashews that get oxidised after some time and turn fresh cashews into rancid ones.

After turning rancid it smells like nail polish and has a bitter taste.

This process is very normal, nuts with high fats get easily spoiled over time. So, don’t worry and start searching how to prevent it instead!

Don’t consume them if they turn rancid!

Try to avoid consuming rancid cashews because they are not good for your health as they can cause food poisoning.

Due to the oxidation process, the compounds of the fats present in cashews get altered and turn into short-chain fatty acids which are harmful compounds.

So, always ensure that they are fresh before consuming.

Also, try to consume them as early as possible after you purchase them, as the longer you keep them the worse they get.

Cashews are always sold without their shell

If you buy cashews from the store you will always find them without their shells. Due to the direct exposure to air, heat and sunlight cashews turn bad and get rancid easily. There is no natural protection at all that can protect cashews from turning bad.

The reason why the shells are removed is due to the outer shell containing toxic oil. If any part of the body comes into direct contact with that oil can cause major skin irritations and food poisoning if ingested.

But don’t worry! They are always roasted or cooked before selling to stop the oil from causing irritations and become completely safe for consumption.

How to know if your cashews are gone bad?

If you are thinking about the cashews you bought just a while ago? What if they went bad or are still good?

You don’t know right! Well, there are a few ways that will help you to check if they are good or bad.

The cashews look dried and shrivelled

Look at cashews if they look dried and shrivelled that means they have gone bad. They start showing oily skin, dark, yellow and have weird discolourations.

This mainly happens if the cashews are kept at a high temperature for longer days.

Moulds and discolourations

Another way to detect if they have gone bad is by observing if the cashews have white moulds or weird patches. This is the worst sign that indicates that the cashews are gone bad and are unsafe for consumption.

This happens when the cashews are exposed to moisture for a long time.

They smell acrid

After getting bad, cashews also start smelling weird. The smell arises from the oxidised fats and oils present in cashews. It smells similar to butter that’s gone bad.

Sometimes seasoned or flavoured cashews may fool you and you might not smell it properly but if you try hard you can detect it.

The cashews taste unpleasant

Cashews are known for their creamy, sweet flavour.

But after turning bad the taste becomes bitter, nasty, sour and unpleasant.

The worst thing that can happen is when you taste bitter and rancid cashews, this is the worst combination.

Some storage tips!

It is very important to know the proper storage method of cashews to prevent them from turning rancid.

Always store cashews in an airtight container

You can either look for an airtight container or a freezer bag. They both are great for preserving cashews for longer durations.

An airtight container protects the cashews from moisture. Hence, cashews stay crispy and crunchy inside them.

Keep them away from direct sunlight or heat

Do not place the jar or container of cashews to direct sunlight and even not in a hot room. The heat and high temperature may cause rancidity even faster and may also produce a greenhouse effect inside the container which can further bring moisture in the container resulting in white molds in cashews.

Store the container in a dark and cool place

Prefer keeping the jar in a cool and dark place which is a refrigerator. This will keep your cashews safe for a long duration. It is not mandatory but we know that every kitchen becomes hot sometimes which is not good for our cashews so opting for a refrigerator can be a smart option.

Try to consume within a month

Always try to consume the cashews as early as possible. This will not only preserve the fresh and crunchy flavour but also diminishes the chances of worrying about the cashews getting bad.

Not only with cashews but I will suggest you consume every nut as soon as you can as nuts are rich sources of unsaturated fats that get easily spoiled when exposed to heat and air.

How long do they last?

  • If stored properly cashews can last for a fair amount of time.
  • If you have bought a pack of roasted and flavoured cashews, it can last for two to four weeks in the pantry.
  • If stored in a refrigerator then it can last for up to nine months and one year in the freezer.
  • Raw cashews can be kept for a month in the pantry. In the refrigerator, it may last for five months and one year in the freezer.
  • If you notice that if the cashews aren’t lasting for too long in your pantry then prefer keeping them in a cool and dark place.

And last but not least whenever you purchase a new batch of cashews ensure that they are recently produced and manufactured by checking the label on the backside of the package so that you always get the fresh one. Also, make sure that when it has arrived at the store so that you can make a reference accordingly about how long you can store them in your home.

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