Heres How To Freeze Salami, And Make It Last Longer

Salami is a sausage that contains fermented and air-dried meat which makes it super delicious meat.

Sometimes you have some leftover salami after a meal and wonder what to do with it. There can be many questions arriving in your mind that can you store it in the freezer? If yes then what is the correct method so that it won’t ruin the meat?

Can you freeze salami?

Salami has some amount of preservatives added yet it won’t last forever, so do you have any option to freeze it?

Yes! You can store any type of salami in the freezer. But there are few things that you should keep in mind before freezing it.

Salami has very low moisture as it is an air-dried meat and due to this, the freezing process is not too long but it also means that you have to be careful while thawing it.

Make sure that you wrap it well as it consists of dried meat, fat and seasonings which means that it will last long by itself in the refrigerator hence it would perform well in the freezer as well.

How to freeze salami?

Firstly, the most important thing you have to keep in mind is that it’s made of cured, dry meat and it won’t act like any old chunk of meat.

Salami can take a while to freeze completely as there is very little moisture inside the meat and a lot of densely packed meat.

The best way to freeze it is by double wrapping it to prevent it from drying.

You can use plastic wrap for wrapping it or else keep it in its original packaging.

Whatever you use for wrapping make sure that it won’t get contaminated or change the moisture level in it.

So, always try to use a decent container or plastic wrap to take care of the moisture level as moisture is very crucial for salami and deli meats.

What are the types of salami?

There are mainly three types of common salami: Hard salami, Genoa and Soppressata. They are made from a mixture of raw ground meat, salt and seasonings. This mixture is stuffed into a casing and left out for the fermentation process and dry until cured.

How long can salami last in the freezer?

Even if you keep salami frozen for more than three months it would be edible.

But the flavour might get suffered a lot

as it can develop some dreaded freezer flavour and may also get some freezer burn.

Try not to keep salami frozen for more than a couple of months.

Also, try to freeze salami in small portions. This will help you to take every small portion and cook whenever you want instead of thawing a big chunk of salami and freezing it again.

Also, keep a note that no food item should be thawed and refrozen as it ruins the flavour as well as its texture.

How to make salami last longer?

Thaw salami in the fridge, overnight

Whenever you thaw your salami make sure to do it overnight in the fridge.

Not just salami but thawing applies to any meat for two reasons:

  • Hurrying this process may give you a weird change in flavour as the exterior stays warmer for longer than the interior which may still be frozen.
  • While thawing overnight reduces the probabilities of your salami being vulnerable to mold development. As deli meats are highly salted, chances of bacterial growth are also rare.

There are many ways to keep a roll of salami for longer days without freezing or to use it before freezing.

Remember that salami itself has a very long shelf life. It can last up to six weeks if it has been kept at a cool temperature but make sure that there is no humidity and the temperature is kept even throughout.

Keep salami in a cool dry place

If your pantry consistently holds a temperature of 10°C then your problem is solved here.

Your salami can last for up to six weeks and even longer. But make sure that you don’t remove the outer plastic packaging of salami and there should be no moisture in the pantry.

Keep your salami in the fridge

  • The best way to store your salami so that it lasts longer is by keeping it in the fridge. The fridge provides a very safe and secure environment for any salami. As the temperature is lower, salami can last for a very long time in the fridge as compared to a counter or a cool pantry.
  • If the plastic packaging isn’t opened then your salami can last up to six months in the fridge. But if you have opened the packaging then it won’t last for six months as the moisture gets lost. After that, it will last for two months only if you are careful about it.
  • Remember that salami will taste better if kept in a room that holds a temperature of about 20°C.
  • If you get some pre-sliced salami it can still last longer but don’t drag it more than 2-3 weeks.

The best thing about salami is that you can cook a variety of dishes out of it such as sandwiches, pasta or entrees such as spaghetti or carbonara.

Salami is deli meat and is truly a gift from the heavens as it saves you a lot of time and your quick meal is ready.

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