How To Freeze Peanut Butter The Right Way (+Storage Tips)

The delightful peanut butter spread is everybody’s favourite until you are not allergic to it. It’s everyone’s favourite whether you are an adult or a child. Well! Why not it’s a healthy option that anybody would go for.

But sometimes you purchase it in bulk and wonder if you can freeze it!

Well! There are various food items that you can freeze but just know that you can’t actually freeze peanut butter.

Can you freeze peanut butter?

Yes! You can freeze peanut butter but it may behave a little differently than other foodstuffs.

The technique behind freezing is that you make the water or moisture inside an item freeze. When it comes to peanut butter, it holds very low moisture content but it still freezes but it will appear differently.

Don’t worry it won’t be like a solid block of brown ice but maybe like a solid block of brown fat.

We know that it’s not easy for oils or fats to freeze, but peanut butter will freeze in a normal freezer. In peanut butter, peanut oil can be the main problem here and the freezing point is about 37 F. And this may be the reason why the peanut butter in your fridge is very hard.

Well! You can safely store peanut butter in a regular freezer that has a temperature around -18° C.

Do you have to freeze peanut butter?

Storing peanut butter in the freezer is one of the storage options you have but you don’t actually have to freeze peanut butter in the first place at all.

We always look for freezing our food items to make them last longer and it also becomes convenient for us to just take a serving whenever you need it.

But in the case of peanut butter freezing won’t help you to make it last longer as peanut butter has a fairly long shelf life, to begin with.

You can generally store it in a cool, dry place and as you freeze, it will last longer. The oil present in the peanut butter helps to store it for a longer duration before going bad.

But when you freeze it you have to keep some points in your mind!

How to freeze peanut butter?

Freezing peanut butter is not that difficult, it’s a fairly simple process. You just have to put peanut butter in an airtight jar or container and store it in the freezer.

Still, there are few things you should be aware of before freezing it like thawing it due to its high-fat content.

Natural VS processed peanut butter

Well! This is the most important part while freezing the peanut butter.

Which peanut butter are you using? Whether it is processed peanut butter or a natural one?

As we already know the processed peanut butter contains a host of stabilisers, preservatives and thickeners. It has a longer shelf life than natural peanut butter and has a slightly different aroma.

Due to all these reasons, it becomes quite harder for processed peanut butter to freeze and can take a longer time to fully set.

On the contrary natural peanut butter is very easy to freeze as it has nothing like stabilisers, preservatives or thickeners. It’s purely made up of just peanuts and some dash of salt. So, it’s thinner and can set much faster.

Natural peanut butter may separate upon thawing

Nut butter is way different from dairy butter, they won’t get grainy but can separate. This is the thing that you will need to take care of while freezing peanut butter.

Mainly when you use natural peanut butter as it’s free of any stabilisers and preservatives.

Freeze them in smaller portions

When you store peanut butter in small portions it becomes very manageable while using. It’s a very useful tip to remember and you will hardly need the whole jar/container. Also, there will be no need to take the whole container out of the freezer and wait for it to thaw.

Just try to part your peanut butter into portions you want to use in a single serving.

Trust me this will make your work so much easier and more time-saving as whenever you will need it you just have to take that small portion out of the freezer and thaw.

You can use an ice tray for your convenience.

Always use airtight containers

Make sure that the container you use while storing your peanut butter should be airtight. It will make it last longer in the freezer and will not lose the flavours.

Also, try to use plastic wrap or freezer-safe Ziploc bags so that your peanut butter won’t suffer at all. Remove all the air inside the bag and flattened it before using.

Flattening it will provide you with thin sheets of peanut butter which will be easier to freeze and thaw.

Avoid using glass containers to store peanut butter. Even if your peanut butter comes in a glass container don’t freeze it like that, just transfer it into something else. The reason not to use a glass jar is that they are very fragile and may break while freezing. This generally doesn’t happen but it’s a risk.

Most glass containers or jars are not tempered as they are not meant to survive in the freezer or oven. This thing also goes with the peanut butter jar in which it comes. You may have noticed that it’s always mentioned in the jar that it is only meant to store at room temperature or slightly cooler but not to freeze.

Using a plastic jar would be a good option instead as it is flexible and can also handle expansion and cool temperature better than glass jars.

How long will peanut butter last in the freezer?

Don’t ever freeze your peanut butter for more than six months. If you freeze it for more than that then you will get a dreaded freezer flavour.

There are no chances of any freezer burn as there’s barely any moisture in your peanut butter to make it happen.

Thaw peanut butter in the fridge

Whenever you want to use the peanut butter, always prefer to thaw it overnight in the fridge. Yes, it does take time but it’s worth it in the end.

If you directly thaw it on the kitchen counter you would get condensation on the outside and inside as well.

It’s an important concern as nobody likes that.

If you are using natural peanut butter then the biggest concern is that it will get separated if thawed in a warm room. Just keep an eye on it so that you get it ASAP.

Don’t use a microwave as peanut butter has a lot of oil content in it and may react inside a hot microwave. Even if you want to use it then make sure to use it in the lowest settings and check after every 30 seconds.

How to defrost peanut butter?

Defrosting peanut butter is a very easy task. As we said earlier, always thaw your frozen peanut butter in the fridge overnight but refreezing the jar a second time isn’t a good idea. So always make a good strategy before freezing it.

If you used an ice tray for freezing small portions of peanut butter then you will hardly need 20 minutes to thaw.

So, always thaw it whether in small portions or large and then keep it on your kitchen counter.

Does frozen peanut butter taste good?

Yes! If you correctly followed everything like, used a proper airtight container and thawed it right. Then your peanut butter will be good after freezing.

Some storage tips!

Freezing isn’t the only option left so you have to keep a few tips in mind while storing your delicious peanut butter.

If you properly store the peanut butter then it can last for up to one year in the case of processed peanut butter whereas the natural peanut butter will last for up to three months.

Store them in a cool, dry place

The best place to store peanut butter is to keep them in a cool, dry place. You can keep it in your pantry where you usually keep some raw onions, potatoes, carrots etc.

But make sure that the temperature should be around 10 C and possibly a little lower.

As long as there is no moisture, your peanut butter will last very well in such an environment.

If you keep it in a colder place then it will become very hard to spread and if kept in a warmer place then it may turn rancid too soon.

Also, keep a check on your PB

You should always know how fast you go through a jar of your delicious PB.

Whenever you buy a new jar you may always think about how long it may take to finish the whole jar. Well! It depends whether you are the only one to eat it or your entire family loves it.

If it is so then you can finish the jar within a week. You are on the safe side if you do so as there is no time left for your peanut butter to go bad.

Don’t keep your PB more than a year after opening

Once opened the jar you should always consume it as fast as you can. Keeping it for longer may turn rancid very fast.

After opening the fats and oils present in it gets more oxygen and they start getting bad soon.

This mainly happens with natural peanut butter. That’s why you need to finish your homemade spreads very soon.

Is peanut butter healthy?

If talking about pure peanut butter then yes it can be considered healthy as they are made from nothing but organic and fresh peanuts. These peanuts are a great source of protein and monounsaturated fats. Due to these two macronutrients, you feel full and satisfied after consuming peanut butter. They are also moderate sources of carbohydrates, a decent amount of fibre and a good supply of vitamins and minerals.

But always check out the quality of peanuts behind your jar as you will get many peanut butters in the market that are cheap , which directly means that their quality is not good. So, always check it before buying and go for a better quality peanut butter.

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