Often asked: How To Cook In My Time At Portia?

How do you make Portia fruit cakes?

If cooking is your favorite pastime at My Time At Portia, you can use the baking set to make your own fruit cakes. As ingredients, you will need 1 fruit, 1 milk and 1 egg, and you can also add 1 flour. Eating Fruit Pie grants + 15% Critical Chance for one minute. The article can also be sold.

How do I make hot tea during my stay in Portia?

Go to Sophie and buy a tea bag there. Combine that with the chilli and you have your flavorful tea. Herbal teas were never counted as tea.

How do you make fruit salad during my stay in Portia?

How to prepare a fruit salad in My Time at Portia. You have to give Petra five data discs, who then analyzes the data and delivers the plans after three days. How to make a fruit salad in my time at Portia 6 Steinziegel. 1 iron pan. 3 marble shelves. 1 salad dressing. 2 same types of fruit.

How long is a day in Portia?

At standard game speed, a single day of uninterrupted play from 7:00 am to 3:00 am in the real world is a minimum of 15 minutes, provided that the game, including the opening of inventory, is not interrupted. Game speed can be changed using the Game Speed ​​slider in Settings. Time is of the essence in gameplay.

Where can I buy my time at Portia Fruit Pies?


Save on computer In stock price
Martha’s bakery ten 39

Where is the bamboo papaya during my stay in Portia?

Bamboo papaya 12-14 or 24-28, when fully fertilized throughout the growing season, can be harvested with bamboo papaya seeds. In the Collapsed Wasteland (often around the entrance) a few bamboo papayas can also be collected every season. More will appear every few days.

What is holding back the gusts during my stay in Portia?

Gust enjoys painting near the Portia River, but can also be seen in his own bedroom with lots of artwork. Gust is also working on something called the Azula Project.

How do I get blue leather during my stay in Portia?

Blue leather is rarely dropped as prey by the Slurpees. The player can also order the civil corps to collect blue leather for them.

How do you make a Portia broom?

The broom is on the floor of the Civil Corps building during the Fixing Ack mission.

Where can I find cinnamon in Portia?

Cinnamon in Spring Cinnamon can also be harvested by cutting cinnamon trees that are on either side of Bassanio Falls (on the cliff top by WOW Industries which also has trees that fall purple resin).

How do I bake a pumpkin pie in Portia?

Pumpkin Pie can be obtained as a reward for The Reservoir, Martha’s Delivery, The Planting Secret, and Sophie’s Test. Gale gives the pumpkin pie player for attending fireside meetings that take place after certain missions, even when pumpkin pies is out of season.

Where can I buy my Portia Salad Dressing Time?

It can also be obtained by opening two of the treasure chests in the town of Portia.

How long will my stay in Portia be?

All styles

One player questioned medium
Main story 18th 67h 57m
Main + supplements 57 103h 26m
Completor fifteen 144h 11m
All play styles 90 103h 08m

How many hours will I be in Portia?

How long does it take to beat My Time at Portia? The estimated time to complete the 30 My Time in Portia Achievements is 80 to 100 hours. This estimate is based on the average completion time of 108 TrueAchievements members who have completed the game.

Is there a time limit for my time in Portia?

With the exception of recurring missions, no missed or failed missions will revert to the same save file during the game (unless a save file is used to play from a point in the past). Times can vary between missions and range from 1 hour to 28 days, sometimes even more than 28 days.

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