4 Reasons Dragon Fruit Is So Expensive

Have you ever gone grocery shopping for dragon fruit? And observed right away that it is not the least costly fruit in the store? Dragon fruit is like one of those fruits that draws the kind of attention that a dull fruit like cantaloupe can only wish for. With its exterior pink flesh and vibrant green leaves, it has an interesting appearance. Do you agree with me?

When you cut it open, the white fruit is studded with tiny black seeds, and the flesh is just as stunning. As a result, dragon fruit has gained the same kind of fame that has propelled other exotic fruits like pomegranate into the limelight. It won’t set you back as much as a square watermelon, but it will set you back significantly more than bananas.

Why is Dragon Fruit So Expensive

For several months now, I have been fascinated by dragon fruit! Because it is all over social media, you have undoubtedly come across this small red fruit. Now, why did so many people post it on Instagram and Facebook, yet I haven’t had the chance to enjoy dragon fruit recently?

The thought that came to me was: Why is dragon fruit so expensive? What is with the exorbitant price of dragon fruit, and is this snazzy, moderately sweet fruit truly worth it? Well, that motivated me to write this article today, so let us delve deeper into the (pricey) world of dragon fruits!

This rare fruit, as per the Food Network, can set you back a big coin, and may even go for as much as $10 per piece. For a fruit that isn’t much larger than an orange, it’s a great deal of money. As it turns out, there are a few possible explanations for its exorbitant pricing.

Demand vs Supply

To begin with, while the fruit is native to Mexico, Central America, and South America, a large portion of it is brought into the United States. But we receive the majority of ours from Vietnam. Simply because of this, it is more expensive than a local fruit like red tasty apples. Although the fruit is grown in California, Florida, and Hawaii, natural catastrophes such as droughts, storms, and wildfires may be devastating to the farming sector of those states.

The fact that dragon fruit harvest season runs from June to September coincides with wildfire and storm season doesn’t make things any better. The dragon fruit, like other commodities, suffers from the same problem. Its cost is determined by the interplay between supply and demand, therefore expect it to be extremely costly.

The New York Times recently specified about how dragon fruit has become increasingly popular among Americans in past years. According to the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center, there is presently a demand for this fruit in the United States that exceeds supply. What is the final outcome? In several areas, dragon fruit has a higher cost!

Is dragon fruit difficult to get? Definitely. Many people will be unable to locate it in their local supermarket, and those who can will be forced to buy it from a special shop and do it fast due to the strictly limited availability. It is no surprise that want surpassed production so rapidly.

How so? There are several reasons for this, and I will go over a few of them later in this article. The demand for dragon fruit is continuously growing. Not only does it taste great, but it also offers plenty of health advantages, as per numerous experts. As a reason, retailers are struggling to keep them on the shelf, and supply absolutely cannot match with demand.

As you might know, price hikes never decrease since they rise as soon as retailers receive new goods. Sadly, this is uncommon and difficult to produce fruit. As a result, supplies will not fluctuate rapidly.

Slow Grow

To put it another way, dragon fruit is different from other fruits and veggies in an important way. It takes around half a year for the plant to develop after sowing dragon fruit seeds. Did you know that you will have to spend around 3 years before you see your first batch of dragon fruit on the market?

Farmers do not earn any money during the planting season. Evidently, this is still a period of enormous expenditures with minimal output. You will pay a greater price if you notice pricing linked to out-of-season fruits and veggies (or just food in general) since market demand outweighs availability. It is extremely tough to put it on hold for a plant to develop!

Health Benefits

Organic veggies and fruits are usually more expensive than regular types. The organic dragon fruit, on the other hand, may even treble in price. Dragon fruit lovers, on the other hand, are prepared to pay such a high price for the fruit’s numerous health advantages.

Healthy foods include avocado, berries, soy, and even dragon fruit. Because of this, they have a larger market value, but do not worry! Simply look for these beautiful fruits and veggies at a reasonable price at your neighborhood hypermarkets and supermarkets.

Go ahead and obtain some really nutritious options for a fraction of the price you would have to spend if you lived in a tropical location with no shops nearby. Now consider the health advantages of dragon fruit. This will show you why more and more people consider it to be the pinnacle of health. Discover the essential elements in this fruit, such as Vitamin C and different minerals, as well as their effects on our immune system, digestive system, and other systems.

Furthermore, it is high in dietary fiber, which is well-known for aiding digestion. Are you receiving enough of what you need? The dragon fruit also includes beneficial plant components such carotenoids, betacyanins, and polyphenols. They have been discovered to have an important role in the treatment of chronic illnesses like cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

Moreover, according to recent study from the New York Times and other sources, there has been a growing tendency in the last decade to explore fissures in dragon fruit as a valuable addition to our digestive health. And have you ever wondered how delicious dragon fruit recipes taste?

This fruit is high in prebiotics, which offer a variety of health advantages. They have been proven, in particular, to improve the balance of good bacteria in your intestines, which can lead to reduced diarrhea and infections.

Exotic Fruit

The tastiest dragon fruits are produced by a beautiful, exotic fruit that originated in South America and thrives well in tropical regions like Indonesia. These delicacies may be found in grocery shops across the US, but they are imported and, as a result of shipping expenses from overseas, can be rather costly.

Although certain states cultivate dragon fruit, there is not enough to feed the entire country. Importing goods from foreign nations, on the other hand, entails additional fees to pay shipping and customs fees. Do you think your preferences for fruit have changed as a result of this knowledge?

Is your appetite evolving? Do you find yourself in a dietary rut, eating the same fruits and vegetables again and over? Look no further beyond a rare fruit such as dragon fruit. It offers uniqueness, excitement, and a wide range of tastes to provide a delightful alternative to daily fruit. People will appreciate the diversity it offers to their family dinner, so don’t be shocked!

In conclusion, have you ever questioned why dragon fruits are so costly? The majority of individuals are unlikely to have done so. Exotic fruits are usually more expensive than native or locally cultivated fruits. Dragon fruit is definitely more expensive than other fruits. However, the exotic appearance and several health advantages make the extra expense worthwhile. If you want to diversify your diet, this exotic fruit might be a good option!

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