Why Is Bacon So Expensive Heres Why, And What We Can Do

Do you enjoy backyard barbecues to mark the start of summer? As more Americans become vaccinated every day, I am sure you are looking forward to this. However, due to meat shortages caused by COVID-related difficulties, the meal on your picnic table for Memorial Day and the Fourth of July may look quite unusual.

Pork prices are already rising, and economists expect a surge in demand that producers will be unable to satisfy due to a variety of factors. As of the most recent Bureau of Labor Statistics figures, bacon is currently thirteen percent costlier than it was a year ago. And it is not only shoppers who are paying more!

This spring and summer, a multitude of purposes may make it increasingly challenging to locate staples like bacon, hot dogs, and sausage on store shelves. Customers are already noticing increased food store prices.

In January 2020, the national average for a pound of bacon was $4.72 before the pandemic started. As per Nielsen IQ’s exclusive grocery point of sale statistics, that price had risen to $5.11 in March. In certain parts of the country, the rises are more severe. Boston and Philadelphia have increased their bacon prices by about $1 per pound, while Chicago has increased by around 70 cents. Today, let us delve deeper into why bacon is so costly so that we can appreciate this delectable cut of pork even more!

Why Is Bacon So Expensive

By now you know that prices for bacon appear to fluctuate throughout time. When you go to the supermarket, the price of bacon might sometimes startle you. Nevertheless, the cost is usually fairly expensive. Fortunately, there are several explanations for this, which can help you comprehend why bacon is so costly. Here is a list of factors that contribute to the high cost of bacon.

Pork belly

Bacon is costly because it can only be produced from pork belly, and one pork belly requires the killing of an entire pig. There is a lot of demand for a product that can’t keep up with it. The significant cause for this is that bacon has become extremely popular in areas where it was previously unknown, resulting in a price hike.

Bacon takes a long time to cure and smoke

Apart from that, bacon takes a long time to cure and smoke, and this sort of item will always be costly. Pork products were becoming costlier due to supply constraints and increasing pig feed expenses. Export demand has been high, and places like China are continuing to purchase pork from the United States, adding to expensive rates.

Social gatherings and high demand

The number of pigs in the United States has decreased over the last year, owing in part to COVID, and the reduced supply is driving up costs. Furthermore, feed prices have substantially increased. Feeding hogs is becoming more expensive, and this is evident in pork prices. One aspect that might impact costs is that, despite the fact that more people are becoming vaccinated, many of us still choose to have social events outside as a safer option to prevent COVID-19 from spreading.

Farming pigs is a huge endeavor

Farmers must have a large amount of land and staff in order to raise enough pigs to be successful. Pig farming is not anything that can be picked up and learned in a day. When we talk about how costly particular fruits or vegetables are, we typically mean that they can be grown. When it comes to pigs, the majority of people will not grow a pig just to have it processed later.

One must reside in a region where raising pigs is legal, and they must also provide adequate shelter and food for the pig. The majority of individuals will select the food store over this choice every time. Pig farming is an unpleasant and exhausting job! Workers on these pig farms must be well compensated for their efforts. This is one of the most expensive aspects of farming.

Pork goods sell at a significantly higher pace during the warmer months. Pig farming, as a result, requires farmers to improve their spending and planning skills for the year. They may need to build big frozen storage facilities to store pork until it is ready to be delivered to other parts of the world or the country. This procedure and all of the moving pieces are costly, and there are several costly processes involved in getting bacon to your plate. It is one of the main reasons why bacon costs higher.

Bacon is versatile

I feel like it is difficult to eat chicken for breakfast. It doesn’t have a flavor or mouthfeel that people love to consume first thing in the morning. There isn’t anything wrong with chicken! It is simply that it is not generally offered at all times of the day.

Breakfast, lunch, and supper may all be served with bacon. It can be eaten on its own or combined with other foods to enhance their flavor. Other meats cannot be presented in the same way.

Bacon is simple to deal with and may be used as a fat or oil in a variety of recipes. If you wish to bake some veggies, place uncooked bacon on the baking sheet and it will roast together with the veggies! At the same time as it cooks, the bacon will provide flavor to your veggies.

It may be great when the flavor of bacon is picked up by other dishes. You will note that bacon is being used in an increasing number of dishes. Bacon may be used to create a whole dinner, which many cooks appreciate.

Finding items that are adaptable in the kitchen can help people become better cooks. You will improve as a chef if you know three or four various methods to cook bacon and how to blend the flavor with other ingredients. People are familiar with bacon and how to prepare it. As a result of its increased popularity, it becomes pricier.

What We Can Do About This

If you have the opportunity, try loading up on ribs and sausages to keep in your freezer for warmer days. Another option is to be versatile with your food. Try a grilled chicken dish, toss some fresh corn on the barbecue, or even mix it up a bit and party with some gourmet vegetarian burgers instead of pig ribs. But after such a long time apart from friends and family, it is the companionship that counts, not the cut of steak on your plate!

We have the option of paying more for bacon or looking for other pig cuts. If you don’t feel like giving up on bacon altogether, try some of the substitutes mentioned here. Let us take a closer look at several examples of what we should be looking for in terms of fat marbling.


Because it is an East European form of bacon, it can only be found at specialty stores. It is not as long or thin, and instead comes in thick, lengthy slabs that are taller than they are broad. Tastes quite similar, and you will have to chop it up yourself.

Turkey bacon

Turkey bacon is an excellent replacement for pork bacon, however it won’t have the same flavor. It has the same fat, meat, and flavor, and it will crisp up wonderfully.

Canadian Bacon

This form of bacon, often known as back bacon, has a larger amount of meat and distinct white fat around the edges. Yes, it is not the same as real bacon, but the flavor is quite similar.


While pancetta is not the same as bacon, it does have fat marbling and crisps up wonderfully. It is available cubed or thinly sliced, much like bacon.


It won’t have the same amount of fat as bacon, and it won’t crisp up as much, but it would have the same smoked and cured flavor. It all boils down to the dish you are preparing.

In conclusion, it is no surprise that bacon has grown so popular due to its taste and versatility. With all of the elements that go into producing pork, buying it, delivering it, and then selling it, you can see why the prices continue to rise. I am doubtful to see a price decrease in bacon very soon, given how popular it is right now. I would recommend you consider buying bacon when you spot a good bargain since it won’t last long.

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