Why Is My Shrimp White Heres What We Know

If you are a shrimp lover then you may have always stored some shrimp in your freezer and whenever you grabbed them to eat later you may have also noticed some white spots on it.

After looking at those spots you might wonder many questions like will it be safe to eat? What do those white spots mean?

Many people around the world prefer consuming fresh seafood. But do you know that if you have preserved any seafood properly then you can have it and it is completely safe! Well, it’s a personal choice for every individual and it’s understandable!

Why is my shrimp white?

There might be two reasons why your shrimp have white spots. It can be either a white spot syndrome or freezer burn.

If it’s a freezer burn then it will not affect the safety of your shrimp means it will remain safe to consume. You can also resolve the problem by defrosting and cooking but you may notice some changes such as a lack of flavour and will be much drier than before as shrimp loses its moisture due to freezer burn.

Even if the white spots are due to white spot syndrome, it will still be safe to consume as humans don’t get affected by the virus that causes ‘WSS’.

There might also be a third factor that can cause white spots on it, as we know that seafood is coated with a white glaze, as that glaze keeps the shrimp moist and doesn’t affect the flavour even after thawing.

You might be looking at the white glaze melting off which appears like white spots. You may have also noticed that in many frozen vegetables.

Let’s understand in deep

White spot syndrome on the shell

If you notice white spots on the shrimp’s shell then it may be white spot syndrome. WSS is a very common viral infection on crustaceans and majorly affects shrimps. This virus spreads very quickly and is 100% lethal. There is no treatment for it.

Shrimp infected with WSS die off very quickly due to which they can’t even make it to the market. There are some rare shrimp that could survive the infection yet the number is too small.

But don’t worry if the white spots are even due to the virus you can still consume them as that virus can’t harm humans.

Freezer burn

It will be most likely a freezer burn if the white spots are visible on the meat itself. If your shrimp has been frozen for a very long time like 5 or more months then white spots will be due to it especially if your shrimp has been thawed before freezing.

Freezer burn makes shrimp dry out and mainly affects the texture of shrimp. It’s simply the cell walls of shrimp breaking down due to moisture that has concentrated in a specific area.

Shrimp having white spots due to freezer burn will be tough just like meat that has been fried too long and tastes a little different.

Well! It’s up to you if you are okay with a little freezer burn and want to store them then go ahead and if not then treat that to your pet.

However, if your shrimp has got some freezer burn then the best thing that you can do with it is to cook it into a dish. Many delicious recipes are there that will hide the changes made on the shrimp from the freezer and will help you to make a tasty meal.

Is shrimp opaque when cooked?

Yes, while cooking shrimp, it changes the colour to white and pink.

While cooking make a note that if it appears translucent don’t eat it and let it cook for a few more minutes as it’s not completely cooked. A shrimp takes the shape of a doughnut and the muscles contract when cooked.

Your shrimp is not done if it isn’t opaque and doughnut shaped. Always remember that colour is more crucial than shape.

How to know if your shrimp has gone bad?

There are few signs that you should look at to know-how fresh and good shrimp look!

The easiest way to check your shrimp is by smelling and looking at it.

When a shrimp is raw it will be a bit translucent, grey-blue and don’t worry it won’t smell bad!

It does have a smell like seawater but not like rotten seaweed.

But when you throw them into the pan it starts turning white and slightly pink.

While if your shrimp has gone bad it will smell terrible. There is some white mold that starts appearing over it and it stinks a lot. An unpleasant and sour smell is an indication that you should throw them away.

Also, If you have got some shrimps in a sealed container and if it contains lots of white fluffy spots on it don’t even open the container.

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